Nation Template

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Nation Template

Post by Alden on Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:13 pm

-Nation Flag-

Country Name:
Capital City:
Other Major Cities:

Races - Majority:
Races - Minority:

Co Rulers((If Any)):
Economic System:
Majority Religion:
Minority Religion:
Major Imports:
Major Exports:
Popular Quote:

Major Cultural Influence:
Magical Uses ((If Any)):

Military Focus/Strengths: ((Add and Explain at least 2))
Military Weaknesses: ((Add and Explain at least 2))


National Oath/Pledge:


Partners in Trade/Friendly


Not Good Relations

Enemies, Not in War

Mortal Enemies/Enemies in War

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Re: Nation Template

Post by Alden on Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:09 pm

Military/Army Template
For Unit listing, do not put a number of how many soldiers/others that the army has, but instead put one of the following things beside it, which indicated how much of something they have

None, Very Few, Few, Below Average, Average, Above Average, Many, Lots, Overwhelming

Military Name:
Army Focus: ((Large Infantry, Heavy Brutes, Long Ranged, ect. Please note that each option has both advantages and disadvantages, also 2 cap))
Overall General of Military: ((The guy to other generals have to answer to, can be your nation leader or the one he/she appoints))
High Army Generals: ((List Who Leads Each Army))
Choice of Operation: ((How is the army managed? Are thousands of peasants grabbed from farms for military service? Is there a social class of warriors and families like the Knights and Samurai? Or do they go on recruitment drives? Or are they wicked and use the undead summonded by necromancers?))

-Usual Army Units-
---Javelin Throwers:
---Artillery: ((Balistas, Catapults, Trebuchets, Cannons, ect))
---Siege Machines: ((Battering Rams, Siege Towers, ect))
---Elite/Special Units:
---Sky Units: ((With Dragon, Griffin, or other flying creatures))
---Militia and Navy Usage:
---Other/Misc Units: ((List Below))

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